• MailWraps® Magnetic Mailbox Covers / Vinyl Mailbox Covers In Lighthouse Designs

    Our MailWraps® Magnetic Mailbox Covers are a beautiful, easy & inexpensive way to make your ugly mailbox appealing at the curb, with our simple, decorative mailbox cover. They are known several ways: Mail Box Cover, Mailbox Wrap, Magnetic Covers, and of course, MailWraps®. A dressed-up mailbox says you're “First Class”! Our flagship product “MailWraps® Magnetic Mailbox Covers” have won the hearts of thousands of homeowners who enjoy changing designs to celebrate changing of the Seasons & Holidays, NCAA College Teams, Lighthouse MailWrap® Designs, plus other assorted interests and designs! We currently have some on sale now, so you need to check them out now!

    MailWraps® is a registered trademark of Magnet Works, Ltd., which My Needful Things AZ / CALLBERKLEY.com is an Authorized Distributor

  • Lighthouse Replicas (In Traditional Historic Styles & Custom Colors)

    We have a wide selection of handcrafted Premium Lighthouse Replicas. Just some of Our Collection of Traditional Historic Lighthouses includes: Assateague,VA - Barnegat, NJ - Bodie Island, NC - Cape Canaveral, FL - Cape Cod, MA - Cape Florida, FL - Cape Hatteras, NC - Cape Henry, VA and many more. Each masterly crafted Lighthouse Replicas design is constructed with an octagonal base that is trimmed with corner covers, replica window & door frames, and a handsomely painted color scheme. Small weather-resistant chains adorn the top of the lighthouse. Plexi-glass allows the light to shine through, for a more realistic design. All these personal touches aid to resemble the original lighthouse point that it is modeled after. We also have the availability that you can choose your own Custom Lighthouse Design & Detailing to match to your existing decor. So make sure you ask!

  • Lighthouse Mailboxes Available in Several Styles

    Do you have a love for lighthouses and want everyone to know? This sharp addition to your curbside is bound to grab your neighbors and friends attention. These Amish handcrafted Lighthouse Mailboxes look great and their top quality construction ensures the mailbox will last, as they are made to endure weather conditions. All of our Lighthouse Mailbox Styles are beautifully handcrafted by Amish skilled woodworkers, here in the USA. These Lighthouse Mailboxes will be a proud addition to your homes' decor.

  • Our Lighthouse Decor & Collectible Home Furnishings

    We have several products to choose from in a variety of finishes to enhance your homes decor. Just to name a few: We have miniature lighthouse clocks, oak lighthouse shelves in different sizes and finishes, Checker / Chess Lighthouse table (with the wooden play pieces), an oak lighthouse lamp with magazine rack, an oak Lighthouse Decor Aquarium Table, and few other Amish Handcrafted Products for inside and outside of your home too. Made in time honored tradition, these are unique pieces. Our products are great for any residential & commercial decor and make excellent gifts too! Hand made here in the USA, these are wooden Lighthouse Replicas produced by skilled Amish Woodworking Craftsmen. Each product is specially made for you at the time it's ordered! Amish handcrafted products are well-known for their high quality, traditional designs, and authentic craftsmanship. Our staff carefully selects the communities where each woodworker's and craftsmen are committed to quality that matches our customers expectations. We are sure you will be pleased with any of these items!

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